Different customers have different requirements. Some want to transport small loads over small distances while others want to ship large loads over long distances. At FreightstarLogistics, we have the ability to handle all kinds of distances and loads. We operate flatbeds in Canada as well as USA, and are aware of all the rules and regulations we need to follow. Our company has a fleet of well-maintained vehicles and well-trained and experienced drivers.


LTL -Less than Truck Load

Less-Than Truck Load are loads that don’t fill the entire capacity of our truck. We will measure the amount of space the load would need and offer a quote accordingly. You only need to pay for what they get and can save money on the shipment. This is ideal for people who have small loads to ship and don’t want to book an entire truck for it.


Truck Load

As the name implies, truck load means your cargo can fill the entire truck easily. You pay for the entire truck, instead of just a small portion of it. You don’t necessarily need to have enough cargo to fill it because some customers don’t mind paying extra money to make sure theirs in the only load we carry.


Container Load

Sometimes, you need to transport an entire container filled with cargo but very few companies actually have the ability to transport a container-load safely. Many companies don’t have approval to access ports and loading docks. We have all the necessary licenses & permits to carry your load to different ports in Canada and the U.S.


Over-dimensional Load

Over-dimensional or oversize load is used for large shipments. If you want to transport wood logs, vehicles, a number of containers, and other such large cargo, you can hire or over-dimensional load services. You can discuss the size and weight of your cargo with our logistics experts and they’ll recommend the right transport plan for you.


Refrigerated Load

Freightstar Logistics provides refrigerated load service across the United States and Canada. We have the expertise to have your shipment arrive at proper temperature. From regular freight to challenging multi-drop shipments, our professionals handle all our customers' temperature-controlled needs.


Dry Van Load

Freightstar Logistics offers wide variety of dry van services including Hazmat, Expedited, High Value Cargo, Volume, LTL and Liftgate. With our dry van trucking service, we can handle both full truck loads (FTL) and less than truck loads (LTL) shipments. We have right equipment and capabilities to handle your shipping needs at competitive rates.


Expedited Team Service

Freightstar Logistics offers Expedited Team Service to deliver your time sensitive, high value, hazmat and temperature control load on time at highly competitive and reasonable rates. Our team drivers consistently hold a 99.9% on time delivery track record.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have experienced and skilled drivers who are familiar with U.S and Canadian road rules and regulations.

  • Our flatbeds are well-maintained and regularly inspected. This reduces the chances of breakdowns and delays.

  • Our vehicles are tracked by GPS and you can get frequent updates about your cargo via email and mobile.

If you want to know more about us or our services here at Freightstar Logistics, don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call. We’ll be happy to help in every way possible